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12 Rules of Life

I really appreciate and respect that he takes the moments he needs to gather his thoughts and you can see how much he cares. I heard someone say “he’s a father figure for a fatherless generation”

The clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson sets out twelve profound and practical principles for living a meaningful life. His 12 Rules for Life will offer an antidote to the chaos in our lives: with eternal truths applied to our modern problems.

One of many comments of appreciation … Last year I attempted suicide. I was newly single and jobless. I was living out of my truck and extremely lonely. I couldn’t even afford data on my phone to properly communicate with the outside world, or my mother in England (I live in NZ). One day, when I was sitting outside a café, using their free wifi, I saw a suggested video pop up of a “Jordan Peterson Owns…” I clicked on it. It was entertaining. That led me to watch other videos of his and soon I found out that he wasn’t just someone who puts people in their place- but a loving, caring man with great wisdom and knowledge on how to fix the mess I called my life. I parked outside that same café every night for a couple of weeks and I’ve been obsessed with his teachings ever since. I know he hears this a lot; and for good reason, but this man has literally saved my life. I keep his book on me like a bible and I revisit old lectures all the time. I’m no longer suicidal. I’m not longer homeless. I have a room to clean. Thank you, Mr Peterson.

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